4 Places to Go After Dark in the Poconos

The Pocono Mountains are a popular mountain destination in Pennsylvania. Many tourists head there for the breathtaking views and the plethora of daytime activities in this scenic region. After you spend your day exploring the Poconos, you can also find plenty of nighttime destinations that also are worth visiting.

Pocono Brewing Company

If you’re in the mood for a cold beer and some late-night grub, the Pocono Brewing Company is the place to visit. While the brewing company offers traditional pub favorites, it also carries a line of unique craft brews. Just two of the exclusive craft beers offered here are the 57 Oatmeal Stout and the Pocono Rhubus. One of the most popular items on the Italian-inspired food menu, the hand-tossed pizzas are baked to perfection in the wood-burning pizza oven.

The Pocono Brewing Company also hosts frequent special entertainment events, including paint-and-sip nights, holiday events, and live entertainment. Check out Pocono Mountain hotels with Hotel Planner to find accommodations that are close to the best nighttime entertainment in the area.

The Original Pocono Pub & Grill

The Original Pocono Pub and Grill, which dates back to 1923, serves the best wings in the Poconos. In fact, the place has earned the nickname King of Wings. In addition to wings, the menu features hand-packed burgers, cheesesteaks, and homemade soups. The Original Pocono Pub is also a great place for nighttime entertainment. Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are Karaoke nights, and the pub hosts a live DJ on Friday nights. On Wednesday and Saturday nights, you can enjoy live entertainment from some of the best local bands.

The Speakeasy Lounge Bar & Grille

The Speakeasy Lounge Bar & Grille is located in the Carriage House at the Historic Pocono Manor. The lounge provides locals and visitors with exceptional food entrees, affordable drinks, and entertaining events. Tuesday nights are open-mike nights, and Friday nights feature live entertainment. The booths are cozy and comfortable, the decor is unique, and the pool tables will give you added fun as you compete against your friends. The Speakeasy also has food and drink specials for happy hour Monday through Friday.

The Renegade Winery

The Renegade Winery is the perfect evening destination for wine enthusiasts. Its urban winery concept is different than other wine bars you might be used to, thus inspiring the “renegade” in the name. At the winery, you’ll find a long list of red and white wines on the menu. You can also stop by on a Friday or Saturday night for live entertainment, or you can take a tour of the winery and see how the Renegade personalizes the winemaking experience. The winery also hosts special events, including cupcake decorating classes, paint-and-sip events, and yoga.

The Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania may be thought of as more of a daytime destination, but there are plenty of places in the area worth visiting after the sun has gone down. Each of these places has a unique environment and offers fun and entertainment.

4 Best SoCal Stops Along the Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is a great way to see California’s coastline. From Northern California to Southern California, the PCH hugs the Pacific Coast and passes through many of the state’s most interesting towns along the way. No matter which direction you go, you should make a point of stopping at these four points of interest on the SoCal leg of your journey.

San Luis Obispo

Depending on whom you ask, San Luis Obispo marks the gateway between Northern and Southern California. But even if that isn’t official, the distinctive mountains surrounding the city are definitely a good compromise between the thick forests of the north and the deserts of the south. The town is quiet compared to other parts of SoCal, but the scrub-covered mountains are great for hiking and mountain biking, and the surrounding area is a highlight of California’s wine country. If you want to go wine tasting outside of Napa Valley, San Luis Obispo is a good place to look.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is close enough to Los Angeles to be a popular tourist destination but far away enough to have its own upscale, cultured identity. You’ll find plenty of history here, too, as a lot of the downtown area preserves the white stucco and red-tile roofs of the original Spanish mission. Santa Barbara also has some inexpensive places to stay while you’re in town, and you can find some interesting attractions when you explore the Santa Monica Pier or head over to the zoo.

Rincon Beach Park

Just east of Santa Barbara is the town of Carpinteria, a good place to enjoy a beach on a budget. Just south of the city limits is a stretch of sand known as Rincon Beach Park, a spot that happens to be one of the best places for surfing on the West Coast. While Rincon is a free county beach that anyone can visit, the remote location helps keep it from getting too crowded on any given day. Still, the beach’s fame means you’ll always see a few other beach lovers whenever you visit.


Sure, it’s a few miles inland from the PCH. But why not take a little extra time to visit California’s most famous amusement park? Disneyland has been around for well over 60 years at this point, and it’s almost as interesting to look at how the park has changed over the decades as it is to enjoy the rides. Just be sure to check out an Anaheim hotel before you arrive since you’ll probably end up staying there until midnight no matter when you first show up.

Cruising the PCH is a fun way to spend your vacation, but you should remember to spend some time parked along a beach or in a town so you can sniff the roses, too. After all, while the sights are great, the cities along the coast have even more fun in store for visitors.

La Jolla on a Budget: 5 Free Things to Do

La Jolla is an affluent city in the greater San Diego area. You’ll love visiting here, but you won’t find it cheap. This town is upper class with tourist prices. Thankfully, you’ll find that some of the best things in life are free, even in expensive cities. Here’s a guide to a budget visit to La Jolla.

Visit the Beach

USA Today has named La Jolla Shores Beach one of the best beaches in San Diego. Their travel writer gushes about the family-friendly nature of this area. Since young parents usually have tight budgets, plenty of La Jolla Shores Beach activities are free. You can swim in the ocean, play beach volleyball, or surf a few waves. Check Hotel Planner for deals on hotel rooms in La Jolla. Then, plan to spend most of your day splashing in the water.

Head to Kellogg Park

The other benefit of La Jolla Shores Beach is its proximity to Kellogg Park. The two are adjacent, and that’s a huge benefit for budget-conscious tourists. Both have many forms of free entertainment. At Kellogg Park, you’ll discover a wonderful playground that kids will love. Meanwhile, adults can throw a picnic or even host a barbecue at the facility.

The park is right beside the beach’s boardwalk, giving tourists convenient access to each one. You’ll also find showers at the park. You can leave the beach, play at the park, and then clean up before heading off for new adventures in La Jolla.

Watch the Seals

Long ago, city planners constructed La Jolla’s Children’s Pool. Originally a seawall built to protect residents from the stormiest tides, the area evolved into this swimming area for children. Alas, a bunch of sea lions had a different idea. Seal Rock is north of the wall, and the adorable creatures gradually started expanding their domain. They’ve supplanted the intended guests at the pool.

On any given visit, you’ll see sea lions frolic, bathe, and nap in the pool. Some animal rights activists have called for the city to declare it a marine mammal sanctuary. Despite the name, you don’t want your children to swim here. You should visit to see the seals play, though.

Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art

Though you have to pay to visit the actual museum, the accompanying Edwards Sculpture Garden is free for guests from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. You won’t find a lot to do here, which means you shouldn’t plan to stay long, but you’ll love the serenity of the garden combined with the panoramic ocean views. Think of a stop here as a dose of calm in an otherwise hectic day in La Jolla.

Go Spelunking

If you’re feeling especially ambitious during your trip, go to The La Jolla Caves. These seven sea caves connect the city’s cove and shores. The catch is that you’ll need a kayak to visit any of the free ones. Assuming you’re up for some exercise and spelunking, it’s an unforgettable way to spend the day in La Jolla.

La Jolla’s an expensive place, but you can still have plenty of fun doing free activities. These five suggestions are a great way to spend a day in town.

Where to Go for the Ultimate Gulf Coast Beach Vacation

Ask people about what coast they think of when talking about sand, sun, surf, and beaches, and they’ll likely answer the East or West. What they miss is that the U.S. has a third coast: the Gulf. Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida all make up the edge of the Gulf Coast and all have beaches that are just as exciting as the ones on the East and West coasts. What makes these states even better places to visit is that they’re less expensive due to their low visibility in terms of vacation spots. Following are some of the best beaches for the ultimate Gulf Coast vacation.

Biloxi Beach, Mississippi

Biloxi Beach offers some of the best stretches of sand in the area, and you can find all of the Biloxi hotels near the beach on a site like Hotel Planner. Not only can you hang out for sun and surf, you can also fish from a charter boat, ride the waves on a sailboat, watch them from a parasail, and finish off the night at a Vegas-style casino. There are 26 miles of white sand beaches along the shoreline that are kept in tip-top shape. Plenty of parking is available off Beach Boulevard with direct access to the shoreline. If you feel like doing some fishing from the shoreline, Lighthouse Pier is a great place to cast a line for a few hours.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, which are right next to one another, are located on the very southern edge of the state. The beaches themselves stretch for 32 miles along the Gulf, which means there’s plenty of sand to stretch out on and relax. Also on the beach is Gulf State Park, which encompasses Shelby Lakes, a 900-acre freshwater lake that offers fishing and swimming along with other recreational activities. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is a short distance from the shoreline and a great place to take a break from sitting on the beach. Water temperatures start rising above 70 degrees in April and hold there until October. It’s perfect for a late-season trip in case you couldn’t make it during the summer.

West Ship Island, Mississippi

West Ship Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, located off the coast of Mississippi. It belongs to the National Park Service and is home to Fort Massachusetts, which was built after the War of 1812. It was decommissioned in 1903 and is now a tourist attraction. The island offers swimming from the beaches, picnic areas, and wildlife watching. It’s an incredible place to visit with its remote location and limitless horizon over the gulf. West Ship is only open from mid-March through October, so make your plans accordingly.

The Gulf Coast is a great alternative to either of the coasts for a beach vacation, and it has attractions that rival those found on many beaches across the United States. Plan your next beach vacation around the area and get the same surf and sand for less money.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Jackson Hole

The following article was originally published on visitmonaco.tv on 1/17/18.

Jackson Hole is a magnificent destination for travelers. However, if you only have a limited time to spend in the area, you’ll need to limit your activities to the best that the region has to offer. Here’s your ideal itinerary for a two-day stay in Jackson Hole.

Day One, Morning

Chances are you’ll be coming from the Jackson Hole Airport. Luckily, the city of Jackson is just an 11-minute drive to the south. To the north is Grand Teton National Park and to the east is the National Elk Refuge. If you plan on hitting up all of these destinations, consider booking a hotel near the Jackson Hole Airport, as it’s kind of in the middle of everything.

You’ll probably be starving after you check in, so head into town for a bite to eat. If you’re in the mood for a delicious meal, go to Persephone’s Bakery, which offers a number of healthy breakfast entrees. While you’re in town, you might as well peruse the shops and check out Jackson Town Square, which is a cute little park that features a unique archway crafted entirely of elk antlers.

Staying at hotels near Jackson Town Square is also a good idea, as you’ll be close to everything the city has to offer without needing to go for a drive.

Day One, Afternoon

By this time, you’ll probably be itching to get out in the wild, so make a trip over to the Granite Hot Springs. Here you can ease out the tension of your journey by relaxing in a naturally heated pool tucked away in the Gros Ventre Mountains.

Once you’ve refreshed yourself, you might as well stay outdoors by heading over to the National Elk Refuge. This large piece of land gives the Jackson Elk Herd a safe place to live. In the winter, you can take sleigh rides through the park for an even more relaxing journey.

If you’re ending your day here, consider booking hotels near the National Elk Refuge, as you’ll probably be tuckered out and won’t feel like driving back to town.

Day Two, Morning

For breakfast, get up early and check out Lotus in downtown Jackson, which is an eatery that prides itself on offering organic and healthy options for all diets. With your belly full, head on up to the Grand Teton National Park. Here you can partake in any number of activities, including fishing, hiking, biking, climbing, and more.

Day Two, Afternoon

Don’t tire yourself out too much, as your next stop will be the Grand Targhee Resort. Because it’s tuckered away from the main part of town, it’s a lot less crowded than the famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Spend the rest of your day skiing or snowboarding down the monstrous slopes, and then relax all night in your hotel room near the Grand Targhee Resort.

No matter what you decide to do in your short layover, make sure to choose Jackson Hole hotels near what you want to do. This will save on travel time and maximize the amount of fun you can have.





Healthy Travelling: Summer Road Trips

Summer vacation is a great time to pack your bags and set out on a fun road trip. Road trips are far more enjoyable than other kinds of visits and tours because you can set your own time. They’re a great way to tell fun stories and get closer with your friends or family. Now, as exciting as a road trip sounds there are certain precautions and things to keep in mind before you set off on a highway journey.

Going on a road trip means having to face the issue of prolonged sitting, which can be fairly uncomfortable if you’re traveling in a smaller car and not a van or SUV. This puts our bodies at risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis, which is when a clot blocks a vein that is deep in our body. It mostly occurs in the lower limbs, which makes it important to exercise whenever you take a rest stop.

Do some quick squats since the exercise utilizes most of the muscles in your lower body, improving blood flow. Take a fun quiz to learn about more exercises and ways to keep muscles activated throughout your road trip.

Make sure to pack healthy snacks and meals for the road trip and put them in a cooler to retain freshness. Pack snacks such as beef jerky, which is rich in B12 vitamins, which means it is good for cell production. Eating on road trips is all about eating in wise portions if you’re bringing food along, so keep the cooler in the trunk to avoid unnecessary snacking. If you don’t intend to pack your own food then remember to mark some places on your route that can offer healthy meals and avoid fast food restaurants.

When on a road trip, make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes and sunblock to protect your skin from damage caused by dust and the sun. Feel at ease while driving and move down the steering wheel to avoid strain, which also helps improve posture. Remember to avoid driving late at night and during mid-afternoon since you’re the drowsiest at these times. Leave the nights for sleeping and take rests during the afternoons to replenish energy and activate senses. Now that you’ve learned this, head over to  HealthIQ.com to test your knowledge before you head out on an adventure.

Reasons to Visit Cambridge This Year

This article was originally published on Sunn Gold on October 5, 2017.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a smart, bohemian town with a rich history and gorgeous views. A student population from both Harvard and MIT helps sustain the city’s culture of coffee shops, art galleries, cinemas, bookstores, and neighborhood bars. While staying in Cambridge, you’ll enjoy walking the streets and soaking up the historic atmosphere. You’ll also find plenty of attractions to keep you busy around town.

Intellectual Life

The active college life in Cambridge means you can always find a lecture, performance, sporting event, academic conference, or some other interesting activity happening. If you’re coming to town for a university function, you’ll want to get a hotel near Harvard University or find a place to stay near MIT. Both are close enough to the Charles River to offer nice views and a pleasant place to stroll.

An Abundance of Museums

Cambridge is home to many great museums. Some of the options you can explore, many on the Harvard University campus, include the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard Museum of Natural History, MIT Museum, and The Fogg Art Museum.

Restaurants and Shopping

Cambridge is full of cozy places to dine and shop. If you look for hotel accommodations near Porter Square or Harvard Square, you’ll be well-situated to enjoy eateries, neighborhood bars, boutique shopping, and public transportation. Market Square is the perfect plaza if you like to browse antique, vintage, and handcrafted merchandise.

A Rich History

Cambridge is a terrific place to soak up American history. Mount Auburn Cemetery, founded in 1831, was America’s first landscaped cemetery and is now a National Historic Landmark. The Longfellow House is the home of Henry W. Longfellow, one of the most recognized poets of the 19th century. The 2.5-mile Freedom Trail in nearby Boston also gives you glimpses of the region’s connections to American historical events.

Relaxed Nightlife

The pub culture around Cambridge attracts a lovely combination of craft beer fans, academics, locals, and tourists. The Brick and Mortar is a bar in a cool, industrial-looking building that serves up sensational cocktails. Order your cosmo at the Cuchi Cuchi, a throwback bar to the bygone era of 1920s Hollywood. And if you’re visiting Cambridge with your pet, bring your pooch with you to the dog-friendly Cambridge Brewing Co.

Sightseeing Around Cambridge

What’s one of the most popular ways to explore Cambridge? How about a Segway tour? As one of the area’s oldest Segway tour companies, Boston Segway offers a two-hour tour covering about 10 miles of sightseeing which includes sites around historic Cambridge. If you’re short on time, a one-hour tour hits many popular places around Boston Commons and the Boston Harbor.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a highly walkable city, with so much to explore and discover when you’re making your way around. People-watching in the streets and taking time to notice the architectural detail are highlights of a trip to Cambridge, so don’t over-schedule your trip. Allow plenty of time to wander, stroll, and sip coffee between visiting attractions.

Travel Guide: 4 Tips for Visiting Minneapolis

This article was originally published on September 27, 2017 on Boston NAVEA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers a wealth of exciting experiences for travelers of all tastes. As Minnesota’s largest city, you’ll find plenty to see, and everything is available to you for less than the costs of many other large urban areas. Keep in mind the following tips to make the most of your Minneapolis vacation.

Use the Light Rail to Get Around

Forget about taxis when you’re in Minneapolis; taking the light rail is easier. The METRO Blue Line starts its journey at Target Field and travels to the Mall of America, making stops downtown, midtown, and at Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport terminals along the way. If you want to explore further afield, take the Green Line to St. Paul or the Red Line to Apple Valley.

Light rail tickets cost only a few dollars, which is roughly what you’ll pay on the city’s buses, but the light rail system is a little easier to understand. You don’t need to worry about missing your stop either. Once the METRO gets to the end of the line, it will go back the opposite way, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Hop off at your destination, explore, and board again to see something new.

Consider Your Accommodations Needs Carefully

Your Minneapolis hotel will become your home away from home, so choosing the right one is important. Think carefully about what you want from your accommodations and make your choice based on that criteria.

If you’re not taking your car, a convenient place to stay may be important. Look for hotels near Guthrie Theater if you love culture or places near Minneapolis City Hall if want to be in the middle of the action. Moms and dads want to keep their little ones entertained so they may choose Minneapolis accommodations with pools and on-site restaurants with children’s menus. If you have a four-legged family member, pet-friendly places to stay in Minneapolis may suit you best.

Leave Your Cigarettes at Home

Minneapolis has banned smoking in all public indoor areas and Hennepin County property. That ban extends to cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes. Residents can smoke in their homes, but as a visitor, you’re unlikely to find a place to light up or vape. Leave your cigarettes at home and enjoy breathing in the clean Minnesota air.

Eat Exotically

Minneapolis has all the chain restaurants you’d expect of any big city, but you’ll get a better taste of its culture if you broaden your horizons and try some of the ethnic restaurants downtown.

Vietnamese and Thai restaurants such as Sawatdee and The Lotus Restaurant complement the usual Chinese and Japanese establishments. If you’re not a fan of Asian cuisine, perhaps a Middle Eastern or Greek eatery such as Naf Naf Grill or Gardens of Salonica may be what you fancy. If you’re not sure what to order, trust your waiter to steer your taste buds in the right direction.

Armed with the right knowledge, all that’s left is to book your accommodations, sort out your travel plans, and go. Minneapolis is waiting for you.

6 Best Things to Do in Baltimore

People head to Baltimore, Maryland, for its history, fresh seafood, vibrant arts scene, and beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay. Once you arrive, you’ll be charmed by the museums, shows, and historic attractions the city has to offer. Families enjoy the kid-friendly museums, travelers with pets love all the beautiful places to stroll, and young adults relish the local nightlife. Discover the six best things you can do in Baltimore.

Baltimore Museum of Art

This art museum, the largest in Maryland, attracts Matisse lovers from around the world who come for the extraordinary collection donated by the art-loving Cone sisters. In the Cone wing, you’ll find works by Picasso and Cezanne, while the Contemporary Wing houses one of the largest Warhol collections in the world. The museum also features a sculpture garden and collections from Africa and Asia. General admission is free.

Maryland Science Center

The Maryland Science Center holds a great Baltimore location close to hotels and a special colonial history. Scientists used to gather at this spot to share their research and learn from one another more than 200 years ago. Now, the popular attraction has grown into a full science museum with an IMAX theater, a planetarium, giant dinosaurs, and loads of interactive, educational exhibits for kids.

National Aquarium

Baltimore’s National Aquarium is a tourist destination in its own right, housing more than 16,000 sea creatures. Visitors can explore a shark tank, a rainforest area, and a reef featuring sharks, clownfish, and a 500-pound sea turtle. A touch pool lets you interact with stingrays and other sea creatures. The Aquarium enjoys a prime location close to hotels at the Inner Harbor and attracts dense crowds, so you may want to get your tickets in advance.

Inner Harbor

The Inner Harbor is home to the National Aquarium and the Maryland Science Center, and it hosts the city’s major sports stadiums. Its signature attraction, however, is the USS Constellation, a Navy sailing ship that dates to the 1850s. The Harbor has been one of the most important seaports in the country since the 18th century and is a gorgeous spot to stroll and enjoy views of the Chesapeake Bay, street performers, shops, and restaurants.

Royal Farms Arena

If you’re coming into town for an event at Baltimore’s Convention Center, be sure to check out the upcoming shows at the Royal Farms Arena, located one block away. If you’re staying at a hotel near the Royal Farms Arena, you’ll find the arena to be in convenient walking distance. The venue has hosted shows since the early 1960s, including the Beatles first U.S. tour in 1964.

Fort McHenry

History buffs will have a field day all over Baltimore, but the area’s prime historical attraction is Fort McHenry. The fort is where Francis Scott Key witnessed a tattered flag waving over the site of a battle during the War of 1812, and that sight inspired him to write “The Star-Spangled Banner,” our national anthem.

The above six top attractions await you in Baltimore, but when you visit the city, you’ll find much more to love. Plan on eating fresh crabs, drinking local craft beers, soaking up views of the Chesapeake Bay, and coming home tired but happy.

13 Hippest Brooklyn Bars to Visit in 2017

This article was originally published on September 22, 2017 on Prince Paul Online

Hanging out in Brooklyn, looking for a hip bar for a drink? Look no further. Check out this list of the hippest bars in town.

Prospect Heights

Nestled among brownstones and cultural attractions such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Museum, the many bars and restaurants in Prospect Heights attract crowds. Here are a few stops to whet the appetite.

  • Erv’s on Beekman delivers creative drinks in a cozy atmosphere near the Prospect Park Q stop.
  • Hot Bird offers picnic tables and a fire pit and took the year’s honor as best bar for a first date.
  • The Bearded Lady employs one of the best bartenders in the area and builds custom drinks around specific flavor profiles.
  • If pinball is your thing, check out Sharlene’s offering a great beer menu and a bunch of pinball machines for entertainment.


Another popular Brooklyn area, Williamsburg sits across the East River from Manhattan. Being one of the hippest areas full of chic boutiques, trendy cafes, and plenty of bars, Williamsburg offers an exciting nightlife scene. Trendy bars include the following spots.

  • Westlight sits atop the William Vale Hotel, offering great drinksand magnificent views of across the river.
  • Fresh Kills Bar, considered one of the best bars around, serves excellent cocktails in a relaxing and unpretentious environment.
  • Looking for a late-night snack to go with that drink? Check out Extra Fancy, which serves food until 2:30 a.m.
  • For a change of scenery, try Skinny Dennis. This is a honky-tonk-themed dive bar with cheap beer and the occasional live band.

Brooklyn Heights

The unrivaled views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty attract visitors to Brooklyn Heights. But don’t worry, bars and restaurants occupy these tree-lined streets too. Let’s begin our list with a trip back in time.

  • Le Boudoir takes you back to the days of the speakeasy. Enter the restaurant, push open the bookcase, and descend into a time warp bar inspired by Marie Antoinette’s French boudoir.
  • The Dining Room in downtown Brooklyn offers great specials such as Tequila Tuesdays and Whiskey Wednesdays.
  • Livingston Manor hosts New York trivia nights every other Monday, and winning teams get a $35 bar tab. This bar also serves a wide selection of craft beers.
  • The Alibi, considered the best dive bar by L Magazine, lies in the nearby neighborhood of Fort Greene. Don’t let the old regulars scare you off. This hip bar has been on the scene a long time.
  • Also in Fort Greene, the Mayflower looks like a page out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel with men in coattails and women in drop-waist dresses. The Manhattan cocktail is famous in this small, cozy bar.

Known for its hipster attitude, Brooklyn is also the most populous of the New York City boroughs. Naturally, it offers plenty of bars and restaurants. Summer is the busiest time of year, but if you don’t mind a chill in the air, try wintertime when hotel rooms come at a discount. There’s no bad time to visit Brooklyn, though, so pick your season and come visit.


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