Healthy Travelling: Summer Road Trips

Summer vacation is a great time to pack your bags and set out on a fun road trip. Road trips are far more enjoyable than other kinds of visits and tours because you can set your own time. They’re a great way to tell fun stories and get closer with your friends or family. Now, as exciting as a road trip sounds there are certain precautions and things to keep in mind before you set off on a highway journey.

Going on a road trip means having to face the issue of prolonged sitting, which can be fairly uncomfortable if you’re traveling in a smaller car and not a van or SUV. This puts our bodies at risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis, which is when a clot blocks a vein that is deep in our body. It mostly occurs in the lower limbs, which makes it important to exercise whenever you take a rest stop.

Do some quick squats since the exercise utilizes most of the muscles in your lower body, improving blood flow. Take a fun quiz to learn about more exercises and ways to keep muscles activated throughout your road trip.

Make sure to pack healthy snacks and meals for the road trip and put them in a cooler to retain freshness. Pack snacks such as beef jerky, which is rich in B12 vitamins, which means it is good for cell production. Eating on road trips is all about eating in wise portions if you’re bringing food along, so keep the cooler in the trunk to avoid unnecessary snacking. If you don’t intend to pack your own food then remember to mark some places on your route that can offer healthy meals and avoid fast food restaurants.

When on a road trip, make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes and sunblock to protect your skin from damage caused by dust and the sun. Feel at ease while driving and move down the steering wheel to avoid strain, which also helps improve posture. Remember to avoid driving late at night and during mid-afternoon since you’re the drowsiest at these times. Leave the nights for sleeping and take rests during the afternoons to replenish energy and activate senses. Now that you’ve learned this, head over to to test your knowledge before you head out on an adventure.